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Saturday, November 19, 2005


I Need a Word

I need a word for a feeling that I don't know exactly how to describe.
I need a word, so that I will be able to identify it better and to communicate what I feel.

In my own mind I think of this feeling as Tiredness of the Self, boredom of your own identity.

It's too tiring being only one person with a single identity.  After a while you start knowing yourself, your behavoiurs.  You know what you are going to think and what you are going to say or do before you say it, think it or do it.  This might be what pushes some people to search extreme or simply new experiences. When you are exposing yourself to an experience that falls out of your patterns you can wonder at your own reactions and find  out something new about yourself.

I find solace in airports, train stations and hotel rooms.  I crave the anonymity and loneliness that allows to forget the self.  I embrace that moment of forgetfulness while slipping into sleep.

Take a trip to Phrontistery.info
Spend many happy hours wallowing and meeting lots of new words...xxx
Thanks a lot anonymous :-)
I really liked the link and I blogged it at Shaping Knowldege
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