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Saturday, December 17, 2005


A Look from Outside

It may be too early too say something about it, but I feel that something may be changing in Italian politics.
I'm not talking about factual changes yet, but there is something that is changing in the way italians perceive themselves and their institutions.

I think that belonging to a larger european community is a big part of this emergent shift of perception.

Italian political dialectics have been for a long time mostly self referential.  Suddenly there is Europe, there are external observers that give the Italian ruling class someone towards whom they can feel ashamed for their actions and attitude.  Just think about Fazio.  His continued presence at Banca d'Italia is causing daily embrassment to the country.

I think that a few years ago, without this external 'screen' on which this shame could be projected, the situation would have gone back to normal in a few months.  It will be interesting to see how it develops.  In the meantime stay tuned on Beppe Grilo's Blog.

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