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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Leveraging Power through the Web

You might have already read about the PriceRitePhoto episode .

To make a long story short, this camera dealer in NY was trying a cheap scam on people and when a guy confronted him he started becoming seriously abusive.   Now, this guy was also a blogger and he denounced what had happened on his blog.

News of the event went out to digg and within hours the 'people of the web' started taking action.  Mostly they started talking about it.  Within a month the story of the event has gone on the NY Times and PriceRitePhoto seems to have gone out of business.

To me this event represents the first sign of a shift of power  to the community.  For the first time people have the communication resources to coordinate their efforts and act together for what they believe it.  Even more important, abuses can be denounced and made clearly visible.

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