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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


The Manyfold

Platial is the beginning of the Manyfold, one facet of the emerging GeoWeb.

Imagine if you could tag the physical world with text, pictures and voice, as you are there experiencing it. Imagine if you could surf the soul of a place from the impressions of people that have experienced it on the web. The 'real' world will merge with the noosphere, as information and material objects start interleaving.

You don't like the service in a cafè? As soon as you leave it you give it a negative rate. The next customer approaching the place will see your negative review overlayed to the place, if she is tuned on your layer of broadcasting, on your 'fold'.

You will be able to leave poems hanging from the branches of a tree under the window of your loved one, and the tree will sing them to her in the morning, as she walks in front of it.

You can see battles raging in the streets of french medieval towns, and you can follow legionnaires from old movies along the streets of rome.

You can see people in the park coloured according to their interest groups or according to the topics they would like to discuss. Maybe an engine will suggest that two of you have an interest in common and will gently suggest to introduce you to each other.

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